Language, Communication and Culture

Faculty of Arts Signature Area


Interpersonal Communication

The first thematic area refers to any form of communication between persons. Research covered in this area includes communication processes (Colston, Li, Moore, Noels), relationship development (Nicoladis, Noels), and conflict resolution (Noels, Rast).

Intercultural Communication

The second area, intercultural communication as studied in … includes projects related to bilingual acquisition (Guardado, Nicoladis, Paradis), second language learning, teaching (Dunn, Guardado, Gutierrez, Lam, Moussu, Nedashkivska, Noels), language in interaction (Dailey-O’Cain, Li, Ono, Rice), and rhetoric and media discourse (Ensslin, Graves, Le).

Organizational Communication

The third area, organizational communication, studies how organizations communicate among its members, and with other organizations and non-members, including the general public (Glaser, Steele, Rast, Le).


LCC Graduate Student Network

Are you a graduate student working on language, communication and culture? Interested in language, communication, and culture? Looking for a networking space to generate new and collaborative research connections? Then the Graduate Student LCC Network is for you!

The Graduate Student Network aims to facilitate inter- and cross-disciplinary exchange of research, knowledge, and resources in a manner that is accessible to those within and outside of academia. The vision is to bring awareness to, and highlight, the existence of various stakeholders who deal with, in some capacity, language/communication/culture by providing them with a platform. Contact us to sign up for our gathering space on eClass and learn about upcoming events!

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